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A .NET Based Windows application to view the contents of any type of file in Binary Mode. You can open any format of file here, or just drag an drop. Contents of the whole file will be displayed in the text area as each by in Hexadecimal string.
Contents are divided in multiple number of pages. This enables to open file of any size, even one is greated than 4GB. Number of columns and number of rows in a each page can be chosen by the user. It can be dynamically changed during the runtime. You can just traverse forwards and backward throught each pags and view each byte by byte.
This application is very useful for developers dealing with binary files, codec, disassembly, file conversion etc. It is very easy to use. No installation is needed. There is no other dependency other than .NET Framework 2.0. It never create any file, create any registry entry or any other dlls are required. Hence it is very easy and safe to handle.

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